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We are here to keep an ASU tradition alive!  At the ASU BB (Bra & Boxer) Run, we create once in a lifetime memories for generations of ASU students at our annual philanthropic event. Each year our volunteer student staff dedicates their time to plan and prepare an event for the ASU population that is fun, safe, and something that the ASU community can all be proud of. Sadly, if we don't raise the necessary funds, the event simply won't happen. The event involves about $50,000 worth of security, event production, and location costs. Our staff works diligently to raise funds from ASU and community business partners, but we still need help filling the gap between costs and funds.  

Everyone wants to help those in need, but not everyone knows how. The ASU BB Run brings the charity to our students. Through our event, students help to provide the basic necessities to Arizonans in need. The only "entry fee" for students is a donation of food or clothing items. While many people donate around the holidays, summer is actually the time when Arizona charities need the most help. In the summer months, the life-threatening heat makes shelters fill up, creating a greater demand for food and clothing.

Our charities this year include: 
  • Goodwill of Arizona
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank
  • ASU Student Veteran’s Association
  • Andre house
Goodwill sells their portion of clothing at their thrift store to support their fantastic job training program. St. Mary’s Food Bank, ASU Student Veteran’s Association, and Andre house work with the local community to distribute our food and clothing donations to those who need them most. With the economy in its current state, the food, clothing, and job training provided by the ASU BB Run is needed now more than ever.


The BB Run is less than 2 weeks away!  

  Published on Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014 at 09:38 PM (MST)
Hi, friends!

Last night we had our second to last staff meeting for the ASU BB Run. It seems like forever since we started working together to make this event a reality and now it's only a week and a half away! We're all excited to once again put on one of ASU's most memorable events while collecting donations that will make a huge impact on our community. 

Check out our wonderful staff and support us as the final countdown to the fun begins!

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