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Our Mission

We are starting an organization called "Vivifi", that will more efficiently market ASU music students and get them paid performances. Our vision is that this will get the students more relevant work experience and connected to the community. We're passionate about the fact that the money they make from the gigs will help them pay for the costs of school. 

A Little About Us

Our team was accepted into the PAVE arts venture incubator with the idea for Vivifi.  This gives us access to professional instruction and mentorship, as well as $3,000 in funding.  In order to use these funds, we need to match it with funding from another source.  

Our team of ASU music students/alum, business, CIS, and advertising majors is pooling all of the talent from all disciplines of ASU students to create something that can showcase ASU's usefulness to the community.  We hope to eventually use all forms of entertainment from ASU students.  Event planners are excited about the project and are already booking gigs with us.  We need funds to help us with web design, advertising, and equipment purchase to keep the momentum we have going.

Our Dream:

We envision one day having a tight network between the community and ASU, where people looking for entertainment use ASU students often.  We hope that ASU can be a destination where music students know they have more opportunities than at other universities and where Phoenix residents know they have a lot of ASU talent performing around the valley. Help this dream become a reality and donate to our campaign!

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Make an Impact

Time Saver

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A dollar for every email an event planner won't have to send to book a student performer.

Difference Maker

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52.50 is the difference between minimum wage and an average paid performance per hour.

Music to the Ears

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Represents the number of ears at events that could be hearing live music instead of a playlist.