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Our Mission:

The overall purpose of Collegetown@ASU is to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity and to create awareness of social issues as well as their impact on society.
Collegetown strives to enact change that will positively affect ASU and the surrounding community, through facilitating and empowering a network of student leaders, prompting action and hosting educational programming. 

Collegetown@ASU will take 60 ASU students to our four-day Leadership and Diversity Conference at Camp Tontozona in Payson, Arizona. With your support, attendees will build leadership skills by participating in student-led workshops that raise awareness of social issues and foster an appreciation of diversity.  The conference creates a safe environment for open dialogue where students will discover themselves, connect with others and inspire change in their communities.
We facilitate programs that:
• Enhance trust, mutual understanding, and respect among diverse individuals
• Build citizenship, personal responsibility, and leadership abilities
• Increase self-esteem and a sense of personal empowerment
• Improve conflict resolution skills

Our Goal:

Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of students, representative of ASU, to participate in this unique experience.  Your investment in Collegetown's upcoming Leadership and Diversity Conference will directly contribute to the personal growth and development of 60 ASU students in becoming young leaders in their community.

Our History:

Collegetown stems from the organization Anytown, a program which started in 1957 and provides training workshops, experiential programs and overnight camps and conferences centered around youth leadership, diversity awareness and human and civil rights.

Collegetown@ASU was started by a small, passionate group of ASU students after attending past Anytown camps and a Collegetown camp at the University of Arizona. Since hosting their first conference in Prescott, Arizona in 2009, the organization has grown to a network of student leaders at Arizona State University and the surrounding community.

This diverse group of leaders is committed to providing a unique, engaging experience for college students where diversity, social justice, leadership, and empowerment meld together in meaningful discussions and engaging workshops.

We are LIVE! 

  Published on Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 at 02:38 AM (MST)
Our campaign just went live today, and we at Collegetown@ASU could not be any more excited! With your support, we'll be making our Leadership and Diversity Conference a reality for 60 passionate ASU students.

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