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The Mission of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is to "strengthen the nonprofit sector with a talented and prepared workforce."

Leadership Development
For 35 years, ASU has prepared the professionals that lead and strengthen our community’s nonprofit organizations. Leadership development experiences such as AMI bolster this preparation. With your help, our students will continue to sharpen their competencies for a life-long career of service and be better positioned for success in making positive community impact.

AMI in Salt Lake City, January 4-7, 2015
The largest national conference geared toward nonprofit college students is coming to Salt Lake City in January. The purpose of the conference is to expose future social sector leaders to a vibrant learning experience that promotes best practices, innovative thinking and awareness of the full scope of the sector.

These funds are used for conference registration, flight to Salt Lake City, hotel costs at 2 students to a room, meals not provided by the conference and shuttle cost to and from the airports.  Please help with the cost of attendance and our students will represent ASU well.

Help send 21 ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students to AMI 2015! 

ONLY 13 Supporting Days Left! 

  Published on Monday, Dec. 8, 2014 at 09:22 PM (MST)
No need to spend your shopping time on this easy investiment!
Make a donation that will result in getting 21 ASU nonprofit students to an out-of-the classroom learning experience at the Alliance Managment Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 4-7, 2015.
We need to raise $2,200 more for all students to attend!
Ask your friends, families and coworkers to support us!


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Make an Impact


Give $21

This gift will provide a little help for each student to attend the conference.


Give $109

This pays for a hotel room for two students...or four if we need to.


Give $147

This amount ensures students have 3 meals a day so they can do their very best!


Give $325

This covers AMI registration for one student ensuring they have access to all activities, workshops, keynote speakers and those important networking events with nonprofit leaders.


Give $800

This covers half the cost of one student to attend AMI.


Give $1,600

This covers the ENTIRE conference experience for one student including: flight, registration, hotel, food, and supplies!