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Who We Are
The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project (MBCLP) is a national program through American University’s Washington College of Law.  Our ASU chapter partners with South Mountain High School (SMHS) to teach constitutional law principles and appellate advocacy to high school seniors.

Why It Matters
Although the commitments are great, law students and high school students involved in the program reap enormous benefits. High school students benefit for a lifetime from learning the system of rights and responsibilities under the US Constitution, developing and delivering oral arguments, and visiting our nation’s capital to see the heart of government.  These experiences empower the students to become engaged, productive citizens.

What We Do
MBCLP is designed to mobilize talented law students to teach courses on constitutional law and juvenile justice to underserved high school students. Members of the ASU Marshall-Brennan Project teach two classes of high school seniors, twice a week, at SMHS. In addition to teaching constitutional law, we teach SMHS students how to develop and present an oral argument for moot court.

Four students from the program are selected to compete in the National Moot Court Competition in Washington, DC, representing ASU Law. These four students are selected after competing in a local competition on ASU campus at the end of the fall semester. This local competition, held every year at the College of Law, is judged by volunteer law students, law professors, and local attorneys.

Our Success
In our six years of existence, ASU Law has produced two national champions, as well as many semi-finalists and finalists, and all of our National Competition participants have gone on to college. Moreover, the success of our team in Washington D.C. has helped to increase the reputation of the ASU College of Law, and the story was even featured in a local news article: http://azednews.com/2014/04/28/arizona-teen-beats-yale-trained-team-for-national-moot-court-championship/.

How You Can Help
Through the support of generous donors, we have already raised enough to cover over half of our expenses, but we still have a long way to go to be fully funded for the 2015 National Moot Court Competition in Washington, DC.  With your support, we can reach our goal and provide a lifetime of benefits for our high school students and law students alike.

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