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What is ¡Habla! AZ?

¡Habla! AZ is a community arts engagement program started by Arizona State University graduate theatre students, that provides Latino high school students in Phoenix the opportunity to create original theatre based on their own experiences.   Students will collaborate with professional Latino theatre artists to develop performance pieces which reflect the Latino experience.

Why is ¡Habla! AZ important to the community?

We want to reach out to undeserved populations in Phoenix to provide a platform for our young people to share their stories of the borderland experience.  ¡Habla! AZ will bring high-quality theatre workshops to communities that may not have regular access to the arts.  These workshops are facilitated by Latino arts professionals and teaching artists.  We hope that by seeing artists of color in leadership roles, our students will be inspired to go to college, pursue artistic careers and be entrepreneurs and leaders in whatever fields they choose. 

Why donate?

¡Habla! AZ received a $5,000 Pave Arts in Entrepreneurship Grant from Arizona State University in 2014, and we need to match those funds.  We are currently in the process of becoming a non-profit arts organization in the state of Arizona, and donations are essential to our sustainability.  Donations will go towards operational costs such as marketing, supplies, legal fees as we navigate the incorporation process, and monetary compensation for our dedicated teaching artists.

Your donations will help us to provide free or low-cost workshops to marginalized communities, which will provide our students with an outlet in which to express themselves creatively.  Your investment will let our young people know that the arts, their voices and their stories matter.

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Make an Impact

Where I'm From

Give $16

A donation of $16 represents each of the Carl Hayden Community High School students who participated in ¡Habla! AZ's pilot project called "de donde soy/where I'm from."

Education through the Arts

Give $25

A donation of $25 could help pay for the hourly wage of one of our dedicated teaching artists.

Changing stereotypes through theatre

Give $72

72% of Latino characters in film and television are portrayed as law enforcement, maids, criminals, blue-collar workers and other minor stereotypes. Your donation of $72 could give students the opportunity to create their own roles through theatre, empowering them to fight against the current representation of Latinos in the media.

Improvement through Arts Education

Give $100

Students with arts and music education in high school average 100 points better on their standardized test scores, regardless of their socio-economic status. Your donation of $100 could help bring the arts to communities that do not currently have well-established arts programs.


Give $250

A donation of $250 could help bring a professional artist to schools or community organizations to lead a master workshop in areas such as theatre, dance, movement, voice or spoken word poetry.