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I currently am a senior at Arizona State University and intern at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool where our mission is; creating a learning experience where there is a balance of intentional teaching and child-initiated play.

Our Project: 
As part of my Service Learning Capstone course I needed to come up with an idea last semster that would benefit the University's preschool and implement the idea by December 2015. Our project has to have sustainablilty and impact the facility in a postive way. Together we came up with the idea to turn a stoage room into a dream Sensory room. 

We are fundraising money to create a Sensory room that will help develop the key life skills that the 3-5 year old preschool students need and 
help children who have sensory processing challenges, autism, ADD/ADHD, learning and behavioral challenges.

Why this is important! The Sensory room equipment will allow all children to strive, learn and develop their visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, balance, movement, gross and fine motor skills. Another reason a sensory room is a great asset is because when it is too hot outside in Arizona it will give the preschoolers another room where they can play, learn and develop!

What we need.

10 Foldable tumbling floor mats                                              1 Sensory swing                                           


                                                          Rope ladder 


  • Weighted blankets
  • Sensory puzzel blocks
  • Trampoline
  • Balance beam
  • Therapy balls
  • Sensory table

Why help? Children are our future!

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE:                                                                                                


THESE are examples of what we would love to do!


What better way to do that than to have a specific room designed where children can play and develop the necessary skills that they need? Please consider donating to help raise money so that the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers Preschool and children can get everything they can to make this dream come true! Thank you!

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Rainbow foldable Floor Mat

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A gift of $70 could be used to purchase a floor mat for the children.

Swing, swing, swing

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A gift of $117 could be used to purchase a sensory swing for the children.

Sensory Table

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A gift of $250 could be used to purchase a sensory table for the children