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Who we are

We are the Brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon. Our core values are:

  • Academics
  • Acting as a role model in the community
  • Brotherhood
  • Cultural awareness

We originated in New Jersey and expanded to form the Wahati Chapter at Arizona State University (ASU). Here at ASU, we are the furthest chapter from the organization's foundation in the East Coast. Because of that, we are isolated from the majority of other chapters, and are not able to as easily connect with the East Coast community of Lambda Sigma Upsilon.

What the convention is about

The Lambda Sigma Upsilon National Convention is an opportunity for us to learn about our history and how to more efficiently run a chapter. We are also seeking to build connections, learn more about our HIV/AIDS awareness philanthropy, and employ other forms of community service. What we learn will enable us to grow as individuals while positively impacting Arizona State University and the surrounding area.

Why is it so important for us to attend

In the past, we have only been able to send 1-2 members to our convention annually. Most other chapters bring 5-7 active members, while we bring so few that we are unable to even vote on bylaws, amendments, and other issues of importance that will help improve Lambda Sigma Upsilon. By sending 3 members this year, we will be able to have our chapter make a larger influence on national activities. This will allow us to grow and improve our ability to impact our community.

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Make an Impact

Feed a Brother

Give $25

Your gift of $25 could feed a Brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Wahati Chapter for one day of the convention.

56th chapter

Give $56

The Wahati Chapter at Arizona State University is the 56th chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon.

Registration fee

Give $120

A gift of $120 could cover one Brother's registration fee for the Lambda Sigma Upsilon National Convention.

One ticket, one member

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Your gift of $450 could cover the cost of a flight for one member to attend the Lambda Sigma Upsilon National Convention.