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Our mission 

This year we are returning to Providencia, Costa Rica to continue our efforts in providing education and sustainability. We will be teaching English and mathematics to the children in the community as well as different sustainability projects such as building retaining walls out of recycled material. In addition to this immediate assistance, we will be improving the infrastructure and working at the local organic coffee farms. 

A little about us

We are a growing group of Arizona State University students striving to build global relationships through service to underprivileged communities around the world. We want to enable students to transform society and the quality of life in both our communities that we live in and those we visit outside the United States. Through cultural immersion and a willingness to lend a helping hand we believe our members gain lifetime experiences to grow in both their academic and personal development. 

Our journey

As a growing organization we had our first service trip to Providencia, Costa Rica in March of 2013 followed by Antígua, Guatemala in March of 2014, and Jaipur, India in March of 2015. Through the determination, spirit, and dedication of our motivated members we were able to eclipse any past group volunteer presence the locals had experienced. We were able to break down cultural barriers and became part of the community very quickly resulting in deep connections with the locals. With your help, this is the type of energy and commitment we would like to return to Costa Rica to continue to make a positive impact. Please join us in spreading our cause and lending a helping hand. 

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84 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature in Costa Rica during the trip


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