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Why Is This Important?

We want to spread cultural awareness in the community during the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in April. Sino Tayo (Who We Are) is a cultural event showcasing different aspects of the Filipino-American Heritage through food and entertainment.

Who We Are

The Philippine American Student Association is a student-based organization that provides an opportunity for those within the community to establish camaraderie through the exploration and sharing of the Philippine culture. PASA aims to help its members learn about the Filipino culture, develop good character, and instill cultural pride, ultimately creating unity and cultural awareness in the Filipino-American community through its diverse members.

This Year's Event

This year's 10th Annual Sino Tayo will take you out on a journey to experience "A Night in Manila." 

Special Guests will Include:

Performers Include: 

  • ASU's Philippine American Student Association (PASA)
  • ASU's Hawaiian Pacific Islander Club (HPIC)
  • Filipino American Youth Association (FAYA)
  • U of A's Filipino American Student Association (FASA)
  • Prime Xample 
  • And more! 

Food Includes:

  • Lechon (whole roasted pig)
  • Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls)
  • Pancit canton (noodles)
  • BBQ pork sticks
  • Sinigang (tamarind soup)
  • And more!

The contributions given will help fund this exciting event to show "Who We Are!"

Sino Tayo Auditions! 

  Published on Thursday, Mar. 3, 2016 at 12:04 AM (MST)

This Tuesday, we held our auditions for a few more open spots in Sino Tayo. We had some really great talent come out and show us what they had to offer! We will also be accepting video submissions until Sunday, March 6 at 3 pm for anyone who was unable to make it to the auditions. We'll be announcing the chosen talents shortly after that!

We would also like to that everyone who has contributed to Sino Tayo thus far. We have now reached 27% of our goal!

Stratum Laser Tag Fundraiser 

  Published on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 at 02:41 AM (MST)

Last Thursday, PASA went to Stratum Laser Tag as a way to put the "fun" in fundraising for Sino Tayo. It was a great bonding experience for everyone who went!

So far, we have reached 14% of our goal in our first week of fundraising! Thank you to all of our supporters, and we hope to gain more in the weeks to come!

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