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About Us

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) at Arizona State University (ASU) dedicates itself in nurturing the unique experiences of Black graduate students through scholarship, providing development opportunities, spreading activism, participating in mentorship, and collaborating with community-based activities. BGSA aims to build the coalition of Black graduates on all four ASU campuses by increasing/advocating their presence; this is at the very heart of our vocation. BGSA provides safe and radical spaces where all scholars of color can create community at ASU and beyond.

What We Will Do with the Funds

We are revitalizing our organization hoping to continue to provide professional and academic accessibility to scholars of color on ASU Tempe campus. We have ongoing events planned throughout the academic year including professional workshops, student research showcases, and public forums to discuss topics of interest. Our spring semester includes Black Film Series, Black Queer Lives Panel Discussion, and a Research Colloquium. We believe that these events will attract student interest and allow BGSA to provide students with resources and a sense of community. Though we have had some successful events, we cannot continue to solely rely on other organizations for financial assistance. We invite you to support us in continuing our efforts to serve students of color at ASU.

BGSA "What's Queer About Afro-Latinadad" Event 

  Published on Sunday, Mar. 13, 2016 at 10:29 PM (MST)

During Black History Month, BGSA hosted two events. One of them was the event: What's Queer About Afro-Latinadad. The guest speaker was Alan Palaez Lopez. The event was held to discuss the intersections of queer and translives and Black liberation. The event was very informative and we plan to host a similar event next year!

Black History Month: Black Queer Lives Matter Event 

  Published on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016 at 09:30 PM (MST)

Yesterday BGSA hosted a Black Queer Lives Matter event in celebration of Black History Month.  Three panelists explained their research surrounding Black queer lives and their lack of representation within the Black Lives Matter movement.  We had a great turn out and an informative dialogue between the panelists and audience members.  BGSA would love to host more events of this kind in the future, but we cannot do that without your support!  Please partner with us today!!

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