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The Issue:

Because of the focus on academic success, law students neglect their physical and mental well-being. This has led to 40% of law students combating depression, stress and/or substance abuse. It’s not hard to see that law students take these bad habits with them into their legal careers. At ASU LAW we combat this by creating positive habits while in law school.

Our Solution: Launching a “Lazy Ironman”

Starting a Lazy Ironman, enables students and professionals to start taking short-term steps to relieve the long-term stresses of legal practice through physical fitness. It will raise awareness of substance abuse among the legal community while providing a creative, fitness-based alternative for managing stresses associated with the practice of law.

What’s a Lazy Ironman?

The Lazy Ironman is an event where participants choose their own triathlon distance, and have a month to complete.  

Choose from: Super Sprint - Sprint - Olympic - Half Ironman - Ironman

Social support comes from online progress tracking and professional networking activities throughout the month.  Building these positive habits and support networks will help participants to continue on a healthy track after the event.

How will you use the money?

Funds raised from this campaign will support the Lazy Ironman event. This includes securing venues and guest speakers for the networking events as well as a commemorative t-shirt that will help participants to feel the sense of community and accomplishment for having reached their goals, and will motivate them to continue with healthy habits.

In addition to supporting the event, the funds will also support the outreach and service initiatives of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society, ASU Student Chapter.

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This level of support represents the approximate total distance in miles of a sprint triathlon.


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This level of support represents the approximate total distance in a Half-Ironman triathlon.

Lazy Ironman

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This level represents $1 per mile for the full Ironman distance.

Save a Life

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This level represents the 40% of law students at ASU LAW who could be struggling with these issues right now.