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It was only 28 years ago that the first Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) was conducted. EcoCAR 3 is the latest iteration of this prestigious and highly competitive program. Luckily, it is the Sun Devil’s first time participating in such a competition. EcoCAR 3 demands students invest both their time and energy to conquer a goal much greater than simply winning- change. AVTC has challenged its current participants to keep the iconic body design of the Camaro while developing and integrating their knowledge, through the use of cutting edge tools and materials used in today’s work field, to create an energy efficient powertrain.

What is more rewarding to the students who are involved in this program is not the only the personal gains they receive after the competition is long gone, but what it does for the community. EcoCAR 3 and AVTC in general has a very simple focus- impact. The competition is about a greater picture than just winning and ASU’s team understands that. Rather, it asks its students to consider what this vehicle can do for the future and the present? It creates both inspiration for change now and tomorrow along with aspirations from the current youth to enter the STEM program. EcoCAR3 promotes diversity and a sense of community.

An objective like the one stated above, dealing with impact, is no easy undertaking for these Sun Devils to conquer. To be successful, EcoCAR 3 is asking for support to achieve these ambitious goals.

 They are the same goals that will exist another 28 years of AVTC later. The goals that Sun Devils of yesterday achieved, the goals that the current Devils of today continue and those who will aspire to be can carry on the tradition. They are the goals to continue to create a cycle of innovation, community, and impact. 

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Make an Impact

The Influencer

Give $28

A gift in this amount represents 1 dollar for each year of impact the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) has made on the 93 schools and 16,500 students who have been involved and the influence they have left behind.

Need for Speed

Give $60

The technical goal the ASU team has created: The Camaro needs to accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds or less. A donation in this amount can support the EcoCAR team reach its need for speed.

Electric Energy

Give $140

It takes a minimum of 140 hours of dedicated work from Sun Devils to keep EcoCAR running each week, just like it takes 140 KiloWatts to power the electric motor of the Camaro. A gift in this amount can help the team keep going for another 140 hours.

Ultimate Fan

Give $500

Just with any competition, there are always the supporters that stick with the team through thick and thin. With your general contribution, we can solve all of our problems and make it to the finish line.