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Thanks to the amazing suppot of the SAE community, we will be able to help alleviate costs for our members to compete in the annual SAE International Racing and Design Competition. Though this campaign is complete, you can still support our cause and make a difference by contributing here: asufoundation.org/sae 

About Us

Sun Devil Motorsports is the Formula chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) at Arizona State University. The team is part of the worldwide SAE organization consisting of collegiate students and industry professionals who have a passion for engineering design. In the Formula design conference, each team is challenged to build and compete with small, formula style vehicles in a competition consisting of eight rigorous events ranging from racing to theoretical sales presentations. Sun Devil Motorsports is one of the most prestigious engineering organizations that ASU Tempe campus has to offer. As members, students are given the opportunity and the means to conceive, design, and fabricate a high-performance racecar.

Through this opportunity, all of our members are able to learn the different aspects of building a race car using methods and equipment that enables engineers to apply classroom concepts to real-world applications. This encompasses all aspects of research, design, and testing, providing us with the technical background to be effective engineers and to overcome the collaborative, financial, and managerial challenges associated with building a prototype car that has theoretical applications in mass production.

Where We Came From 

Two years ago when we started work on our 2015 car—the SDM-15, many of our veteran members had just graduated, and as a result our team consisted of only a handful of dedicated members. Since then, we have focused on team restructuring and building while learning as much we could from building the SDM-15 to apply to next year’s car, the SDM-16.

Members diligently work on the car throughout the school week, and the team comes together for shop days every Saturday to make progress. In the month of May, students passed up their summer breaks to prepare the vehicle for the upcoming summer competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition, the team works diligently in the weeks after competition to finish designing the next vehicle before the start of the academic year.

Where We're Going

In June 2016, our team will travel to Lincoln, Nebraska to compete in the annual SAE International Racing and Design Competition. Sun Devil Motorsports will compete against hundreds of schools from across the globe. During the competition, team members will be called upon to present business strategies to potential investors, submit to a rigorous review of our engineering process, and compete in traditional racing events. In addition, our car will be subjected to a stringent FIA-based technical and safety inspection conducted by industry professionals.

To participate, we expect to transport 30 core team members, a full complement of tools and parts, and the racecar itself nearly 1,400 miles.


With your support, our team can continue to represent ASU and be competitive on the international stage!

Story of our IndyCar Attendance 

  Published on Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2016 at 02:59 PM (MST)

Linked below is an article discussing our showing at the 2016 Phoenix International Raceway IndyCar event on April 2nd. Enjoy!


Which part of a RaceCar would you be? 

  Published on Friday, Apr. 15, 2016 at 06:16 PM (MST)

Check out the video below of our team. We were asked what part of the Racecar we would be, and how some of us responded is interesting!

Which part would you be?

Also, meet some our members and what they are studying!

Meet our team!


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