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        In 1910, Tau Epsilon Phi founders were discriminated against, so they offered inclusion for all. Today, we carry the same spirit as our founding fathers, by reaching out to anyone feeling left out of the ASU community.  As an all-inclusive fraternity, we help to ease the transition into the collegiate experience for those ranging from veteran to international students.  TEP focuses on including others to a community that fosters improvement and growth through our guiding principles of friendship, chivalry, and service.

        TEP, in its first year at ASU, is recruiting and raising awareness for veteran students on campus.  During the fall semester, we will provide members with the opportunity to participate in social and service events such as:

  • Events within Salute to Service

  • Philanthropy in the local community

  • Greek Life sponsored events

  • Academic Support


        With your contribution, we would be able to keep membership dues low, ensuring that the services we provide are accessible to all.  

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Support Our Veterans

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This amount represents a display of support for this campaign and our cause.


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Each day 22 veterans are lost to suicide. Tau Epsilon Phi works to provide a safe place and sense of brotherhood & community to help veterans feel at home at ASU and go on to succeed in life.

Pat Tillman's Legacy

Give $42

42 is the jersey number of Pat Tillman, an alumni of Arizona State University and veteran of the US Army.

Fighting for Education

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108,568 veterans have enrolled in full-time programs at universities using the GI Bill since 2012. As a "top military friendly school", many of these student veterans are here at ASU.

Soldiering On

Give $480

On average, it takes a veteran 480 extra days to complete an undergraduate degree when compared to the general population. This is a statistic that Tau Epsilon Phi aims to reduce by providing a support system for those pursuing their degree at ASU.