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Who Are We? ASU Polytechnic:

The ASU polytechnic campus is a vibrant community filled with students that study business engineering, education, graphic design, biology and agribusiness. This campus is known for its hands-on approach to learning and ASU as a whole, prides itself with being the most innovative university in the nation (US News and Report). We support this title with many unique programs and opportunities for students, but we can do more. We propose to bring "A New Environment" to the campus community; The Lot - Urban  Green Space . Our objective is to support ASU's New America Universities Design Aspirations, to leverage our place and fuse intellectual disciplines through the design and development of this urban green space which supports sustainable land design, wellness and social interactions. 

What is our Goal? Connect People and Place:

Although we have many successes with our current garden, there is no room to grow. We propose that we build a new community garden that is central to campus, so that we can really highlight the importance of our local food system, as well as provide garden themes to support student wellness and personal growth. This garden can and will do more than just provide beds to grow food. It will connect students to nature and personal well being by providing a space to fuel discovery, creativity and innovation.  We hope to provide a sense of "place" for the campus, reconnect people to nature and each other within an interdisciplinary space that will showcase new ways of working together toward a sustainable future.

What do We Want to Achieve? Champion Success and Inspire:

The Lot will champion success by connecting students to nature in a unique outdoor setting and provide a tool for learning about our global food system and the issues we face with food insecurity. This idea supports the future plans to make the ASU Polytechnic campus the nexus of food, water, and energy, by providing tangible examples of these themes in which the students can engage and learn. This urban green space will be visible, accessible and interdisciplinary in nature.  

What is our Vision? Sense of Place:

Our hope is to bring the best minds together to develop and support this project and look to the future for providing this unique, multidisciplinary urban garden to our campus. The Lot aligns with our campus Polytechnic Master Plan to create outside gathering spaces that enhance and encourage health and well-being. This space will showcase our values by providing a tangible example of one of our universities goal for "A New Environment"; an alternative to the traditional classroom. We hope to provide a "sense of place" for the students at the Poly campus and offer the much needed space to revive, de-stress and connect with nature.

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