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Who We Are: We are the Spirit of Service Scholars, a group of twelve ASU students dedicated to becoming leaders in public service.  We are a diverse group studying a variety of disciplines.  Through partnerships with Phoenix-area public high schools, we serve our community by mentoring Junior Scholars, the next generation of public service leaders.

The Goal: We need your help so we can continue to encourage high school students to gain confidence, perseverance, and skills to pursue higher education. Your gift would allow us to continue the Junior Scholars program at a school, funding projects at the schools to ensure a large-scale impact on the entire student body.   

The Project: Working in small groups, we meet bi-weekly at each high school to mentor a select group of five juniors and seniors who have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to attaining a college education.  

Each Junior Scholar team designs a school-wide project to address a need in their school community.  Junior Scholars survey their peers to identify needs and opportunities, and with the guidance of us (their mentors) and school administrators, implement a program that promotes a college-going culture at their school. To reward their efforts, Junior Scholars receive funds to pay for the cost of the projects. We become lasting allies and advocates for the Junior Scholars with whom we mentor, and the Junior Scholars develop confidence and clarity as to how to make their college dreams a reality.   

Past Junior Scholar Projects:       

In 2011, Betty Fairfax High School students demystified the college application process by creating helpful college application packets complete with timelines, internet resources, and recommendations from ASU’s admissions team.     

In 2013, Hamilton High School students simplified access to existing school resources by streamlining opportunities and updates on student-friendly websites and social media sites.   

In 2013, ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix students elevated their school’s underutilized “College Café” by infusing a peer education model to inform and energize their peers about college opportunities, procedures, and deadlines.   

This project currently has no updates.

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