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Who are the ASU Dragon Boaters? 

ASU Dragon Boat (formerly known as ASU Dust Devils) was originally founded in 2009 as a recreational team devoted to promote the sport of dragon boating. Since then, the team​ has​ embarked on countless competitions and has been officially recognized as one of Arizona State University’s sport clubs in 2016. Bonded by their passion for the sport, the team constantly strives to motivate each other to improve mentally and physically. Their unique camaraderie is forged by their love for dim sum, sushi, and Korean BBQ. United by their differences, they paddle together as one. 

What is the goal of ASU Dragon Boat?

Dragon Boat is an important part of ASU for a number of reasons. For many students, Dragon Boat is one of the only communities where they can feel like a part of something bigger, especially in such a massive school where it is easy to get lost in the crowd. As a rigorous physical activity, it strengthens the minds and bodies for students who need an outlet for the stresses of college life. Coming out of such an experience, students gain the confidence and social skills to succeed after graduation.

Why we need your help!

With the funds that are raised from PitchFunder, ASU Dragon Boat will be able to secure equipment, such as PFDs, to ensure the safety of its paddlers. With carbon fiber paddles ASU Dragon Boat can make sure its members are able to paddle at a competitive level. The equipment will continue to build the foundation for future ASU Dragon Boat paddlers who will compete and recruit more members to add to the Dragon Boat family.     

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Make an Impact

Seat Partner

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Each dollar represents a paddler in the Dragon Boat.

Life Saver

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To ensure the safety of a paddler by providing them with a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Paddles Up!

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To equip a student with a carbon fiber paddle and help them perform better during competitions.


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To provide a PFD and a carbon fiber paddle and you'll be supporting a student as they conquer the dragon boat world.