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Walking through crowded lecture halls to find a seat is difficult enough when there aren't skateboards cluttering the walkways. Existing skateboard racks aren't being used due to lack of convenience and the need for students to bring their own clunky padlock. Our design will create a safe, hassle-free solution that will solve this problem.

Our Mission
As a group of four Senior Electrical Engineers, we are utilizing our diverse technical backgrounds and hands-on experience to develop an innovative solution. Raad Racks will allow users to quickly secure their skateboards without the hassle of pad locksreducing theft on campus. Our innovative solution requires users to simply scan their Sun Devil ID cards providing users an easy and convenient way to store their boards. To further champion innovation, our prototype will be built solely with sustainable materials and powered by solar energy.

Your Support
We need your helpour project solely relies on your generous contributions! Your support will allow us to build prototypes and construct the Raad Racks device. Please help us achieve our dreams!

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