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“We have had a great deal of support from the athletics department and interest from the community, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. In order to maintain our level of competitiveness, we hope that you will consider supporting the program to ensure that we have reliable resources and are able to outfit our student athletes with top quality equipment, from pool accessories to bike trainers and power meters. We hope you see this is as valuable as we do and consider making a gift to the triathlon program! Go Devils!” – Cliff English, Head Coach, Former USA Triathlon National Team Coach

In October 2015, Sun Devil Athletics officially announced the addition of NCAA women's triathlon as the school's 24th varsity sport. One month later, Cliff English was named the first head coach of the program. On Sept. 5, 2016, the Sun Devils were at the starting line of their first race. And now, the team can call themselves national champions.

Coach English and roster of young women from across the country, combined with strong support from Sun Devil Athletics administration, have quickly turned the program into a national power: The Sun Devils won the 2016 Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship on Nov. 5 in New Orleans in inaugural season.

Community support allowed Sun Devil Athletics to add triathlon as its 24th varsity sport and continued support helped propel them to the top of the podium. Now, we're asking for community support to sustain the success they achieved in their first year.

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Running Shoes

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A gift of this amount could provide running shoes for the Women's Triathlon team.

International Devil

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A gift of this amount could provide the National Championship Triathlon Team with a travel bike case, helping the student-athletes win future competitions.

Power Meter

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A gift of this amount could provide a student-athlete with a power meter— a top of the line training device

Racing Bike and Racing Wheels

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Outfit One Student-Athlete

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A gift of this amount could completely outfit one student-athlete for racing season. This includes: a wetsuit, racing bike, racing wheels, racing shoes (bike and running), a power meter, a smart training watch, a travel bike case, sunglasses, helmet, racing suit, training kit, race specific nutrition, bicycle tubes, and a set of tires.