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What is MAYEIN?

Mentors Assistance for Youths & Entrepreneurs Initiative (MAYEIN) was founded in 2011 by Edem Ossai in response to the fast declining situation of youth in Nigeria. MAYEIN is a platform to address gaps in youth mindset, attitude and development by organizing training on leadership, civic engagement and the development of 21st century skills. A major component of MAYEIN is the mobile library that serves over 1000 students in the Oyo State of Nigeria. MAYEIN's long term vision is to serve more than 1 million youth in Nigeria. 

What are we doing?

While MAYEIN provides services to 1000 students, the organization only has about 500 books currently. This project seeks to double the size of their library by donating an additional 500 books. 

Why we need your help?

Books are being collected throughout Fall semester 2016 by the Peace Corps Ambassadors at ASU. I am asking for donations to cover the shipping costs of the books to Nigeria. 

With your help we can double the size of MAYEIN's library and further literacy in Nigeria! 

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10 Books

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Library Starter Kit

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